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According to Weeze

May 12, 2022

Is social media drowning out your voice? Are you too busy surviving to speak up or walk out? The lived experiences of marginalized communities are often overlooked and brushed aside so whiteness can remain in the center. But we can all work together towards change, towards community, towards liberation. This week I’m honored to be joined by Dr. Janice Gassam Asare. She is the founder of BWG Business Solutions which helps organizations create cultures built on equity. She is a senior contributing writer for Forbes and has collaborated with companies like Google, Amazon, Yale University, and many more. She’s been doing this work before this work was “cool” and she has so much wisdom to share. We get right into it! So join us as we talk about ALL THE THINGS! 


We’re getting into:


  • The funding disparities for DEI firms and why it matters
  • Whiteness is the disease, NOT the antidote
  • Diversifying our incomes to create protections and build wealth
  • Why you do NOT have to adjust yourself for whiteness and what to do instead
  • How white supremacy removes imagination and community and tells us to compete (but we’re in this together!)
  • The thick skin required to do this work plus some of our biggest fears 
  • Why “just” quitting or speaking out isn’t an option for everyone 
  • The importance of community in our lives and the role social media plays
  • Plus so much more!


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