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According to Weeze

May 26, 2022

*ATW regular is unfiltered and has some cussing, but as an extra heads-up, in today’s episode we are explicitly talking about sex from a shame free place, so you may want to consider who around you is listening*


What does empowerment mean when it comes to pleasure, sex, and our own bodies? Society teaches those of us who are socialized females to repress our pleasure and sexuality.  In this episode I’m chatting with Celine Manning about owning our pleasure, turning off the outside voices, and embracing our inner heaux!


Celine Manning, AKA Coach Baddie, is CEO of Sex With Baddies, host of “The Hot Seat,” a live questionnaire game show about juicy sex topics, and the host of the podcast “The Baddie Blueprint”. An expert in her field of both sexual confidence and mindset coaching, Coach Baddie leads a community of all races, ages, and sizes, bringing everyone personal empowerment and confidence through a Baddie lens.  It’s a juicy conversation, let’s dig in! 


We’re exploring:


  • What a “Heaux Bag” is, what should go in it, and why you NEED one
  • Why we need to stop demonizing and start making room for external validation
  • The term we need to stop using when discussing sex and why
  • What meditation really is and how it can change your sex life for the better
  • The trick for figuring out what your own judgment is trying to tell you
  • Learning to own our pleasure - it’s not JUST about orgasm
  • Coach Baddie’s message to you and what to ask yourself on your Baddie journey


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