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According to Weeze

Oct 6, 2022

Y'all, buckle up! We are about to have a very honest conversation about liberation and living liberated. Today I sit down with Bobby Morgan to talk about the WORK of liberation work. Bobby is the founder and principal consultant at Liberation Lab, a company focused on working with educators and administrators to promote equity and culturally responsive teaching practices. We are talking about the direction of our work, how we got here, where we are going, and the dangerous trend of commodifying liberation. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but it’s all important conversation! 


We’re exploring:


  • Seeing and getting to know ourselves outside of the limitations of oppression
  • Awakening to who we can be and not what was placed on us as a lens of survival
  • How liberation fails if we are not leading with love and empathy
  • What we mean when we say we want to be put out of business
  • Untangling ourselves from the work that we do
  • The dangerous ways liberation has been coopted and commodified - how liberation has become a brand
  • Cancel culture vs redemption culture - offering chances to apologize and learn
  • How we build a transformative space of community 
  • And so much more!!


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